BALANCE.. not just the riding type. (Hacks to stay on Track)

” New Year, New ME? “

It is coming to the end of the university holidays, and as I sit here, I think about the BALANCE of life when your an equestrian.

To work, to ride, to study and to socialise… but then there is these things called exercise, family, relationships, commitments, responsibilities… they are kind of a big deal!

family guy

There are way to many ….. in this article already. That’s because it is hard to BALANCE when your an equestrian and have a life outside of horses.

At the moment I work two jobs, I am studying my degree full time in Melbourne, compete on a regular basis, spend a lot of time with my family and partner, go out with friends, walk the dogs, and live a pretty healthy life with lots of sport and exercise.

Owning a horse is like having a newborn baby, that never really grows up and feeds itself, cleans itself, dresses itself, exercises itself.. oh, and certainly never pays for itself (except in cuddles and slobbers).

BUT, as they say, if there is a will there is a way. And if your passion is strong enough to persist through the hard times, the cold mornings, the mud, the falls and all the wonderful things in between.. I assure you you’re on a great track to becoming an expert in Multi Tasking, Planning and Time Management.


A few years ago, the wonderful Kylie Burton, wrote an article for me that explained how she managed and dealt with the challenges, time constraints and responsibilities including riding overseas and studying Engineering.

Have a read below:

Click to access Riding%20Study%20and%20Work%20Kylie%20Burton.pdf



Check out these four quick tips which might just make your life that little more organised



Not just by the week but by the month and even the year.

Kikki K is my personal favourite for this. With loads of cool, stylish calendars, planners and tools to keep you focused and where you need to be on time.

I make sure I have a day at the start of the new year to plan and put together my event dates for the season ahead. This includes listing the entry closing dates (it’s not fun missing out)

Have different colors allocated for different categories.

Each Sunday night I sit down and write out my weeks plan onto my planner. I stick it up on my wall and it keeps my right on track and allows me to be prepared for everything.

Check out what Kikki K have to offer:

2. Don’t Over Commit yourself!

Now this is one I have a lot of trouble with…

Never want to say no? Trying to please everyone?

That’s me! This is a good habit to get into and makes life a lot easier (and helps to not double book and then feel terrible about it)

When you are invited somewhere, or to an event, make sure you check your well planned diary first and it is okay to get back to them and confirm. It is much easier to say you are already booked rather than think of an excuse as to why you have to cancel on them + its nice to have some notice if your being cancelled on so you can arrange something else!

3. Take some time for YOU

In a rapidly growing, busy society, we are all forgetting to take sometime out for ourselves. Yes, riding is therapeutic but it is also exhausting and time consuming.

Take some time out and spoil yourself. It doesn’t have to be for long, it could be a 30 minute nap, walk, paint your nails, or read two chapters out of the book that has been lying on the mantle for the last 3 months just waiting for you to get into it.

Make it something that is quiet, individual and makes you feel GOOD!

4. Remember to SMILE

Smile and be grateful each and everyday for the person you are, and the life you live. Everyone is different as much as everyone has bad days. Make the effort to look at the world in a positive way, be thankful for what you have and work hard for what you want.

Nothing comes easy in this world, but to spend it day in and day out with beautiful horses in your world is truly special and a dream for millions.

Be thankful and remember YOU time is important.

H x



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