The perfect Christmas wish list? My top 5 for horsey lovers

Well, the silly season is well and truly here. Food, friends, festivities… the best time of year in my opinion.

santa horse.jpg


With that creepy old guy with an extremely over grown beard just around the corner, I guess it is time to get in the spirit and do my Christmas shopping. The perfect Christmas wish list may have things like cool jet ski’s, holidays, fancy cars and out of this world items for most people.. but then my friend.. there is horsey people.

If you have a special horsey person in your life and you need a last minute gift. Check out the list below.

  1. A matching set: Every horse obsessed person is always down for matching sets. I mean, how couldn’t you not want to wear the same colour head to toe matching with your four legged best friend? I guess one colour would be repetitive so partners…. maybe two, three, ten, twenty matching sets are a good place to start?These awesome sets can be found in a range of different colours on the Ippico website.


2.  Clothing to match the matching set. Because really, you can’t have all navy everything and wear a green top?!?!?! This goes against all forms of equine matchy matchy rules. Foxtrot Horsewear have a range of clothing to suit all equestrian needs. Check out their range of Riding Polos. Luxurious style, comfort and durability. Exactly what your special equestrian needs. Plus they make the perfect stocking filler, with guaranteed smiles.


3. A matchy set, matchy rider and matchy horse would not be complete without perfectly groomed hair. Ippico stock a range of Parisol and Haas Grooming products. We spend a lot of time and effort to look this good, so that extra sparkle and shimmer of the coat just tops off the look. The Parisol range is all under $30 AUD and the HAAS collection ranges from $6 – $68. A great addition to any grooming kit.


4. Last but most certainly not least…… GIFT VOUCHERS.

You cannot go wrong with gift vouchers to your special ones favourite equine stores.

Its a thoughtful way to say ‘spoil yourself’

gift .jpg


5. Anything that is horsey.. you really can’t go wrong. Well you can, but hey its the thought that counts isn’t it???

Merry Christmas everyone, have a wonderful festive season and enjoy all the happiness and laughter. Stay safe x



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