The perfectly imperfect world of the internet

Social media is the largest platform for marketing in today’s age. This visual marketing targets people by creating a trend and emphasising how great it will make you look and feel when you have it.

A platform where the persona of being perfect is the

greatest expectation.




Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.. have turned into these places where we get inspiration and ideas to better ourselves and determine the outlook others have on us.

We make sure our photos have the right lighting and just the right hashtag. #hottie

Likes are well sourced and comments are golden. The amount of likes you get some what defines how good you look or how fancy your new product is?

Let’s be honest here.. who has time to put a full face of make up on, do your hair, dress to impress, clean your shoes, work, ride, study, socialise and sleep all in one day????????

I know I don’t! But if you know how to (without being exhausted and time poor) please let me know!

This attention this gives is fake and creates a demon inside of us that has this need for attention that is just the click of a button and really doesn’t mean anything.. I have been thinking about this lately and it is quite shocking when you think about your own day to day life and how much screen time you actually engage in.

So I guess by now, you think I am totally hating on social media? Not true!!!! I love it. I use it every day, however I like to use these few little reminders about how to use it in a positive way.

The aim of this article is to open your thoughts to the impact social media has on your life and how you can improve your well being by using social media in a positive manner.

Social media is so powerful and we can use it to our advantage as well!

  • Stay in touch with old friends and family
  • Discover trends and life hacks
  • Inspire your creative side
  • Business’s can reach new customers and target old ones
  • Follow others journeys and post about your own

Those are just a few dot points of all the wonderful things social media has the power of doing.


  1. Follow people who inspire you, unfollow those who make you feel jealous, uneasy, unhappy or down. To create a world of positive thoughts, is to surround yourself with those who want to create the same.

  2. Support one another – you will be surprised how much of a difference a supportive comment can make on someones day.

  3. If you have nothing NICE to say DON’T say it. Keep your negativity to yourself and don’t bring someone down with it.

  4. PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Give yourself a break, I know it is damn well addictive to keep flicking through Instagram and Facebook, looking at the same post a hundred times. Pop your phone away and go outside for a walk, read a book, call your friend to say hello and remember to take some time for you. Just like in last weeks Balance article. You time is important!

  5. You will sleep better if you don’t go on your phone an hour before bed! Try create a habit where you don’t need to check your phone every second of the day, especially before bed. Leave it in the kitchen, and rest your eyes without the straining of your eyes on the bright phone screen. 



The one thing I really wrote this post for was to open your eyes to the affect your comments and anonymous messages can leave on a person. You might mean what you say, or believe you are correct.. but please refrain from putting others down. I have seen too many posts and comments on Instagram now that reflect a negative image and are hurting someone else. Bullying is a HUGE problem in the world, and too make lives are destroyed and taken by it. So start today, start looking at the world in a positive manner and making a change. Tell someone they look great, their riding position has improved, you love the way their horse moves, smile at competitions and say hello to people.

I can promise you that you will feel so much better by trying to incorporate a few of these tips into your everyday life.

Be positive. Be Mindful. Be creative.

Unlike some things,



YOU can help change the WORLD.



H x 

4 thoughts on “The perfectly imperfect world of the internet

  1. A fantastic piece of writing Han. So, so relevant in our household at the moment. As I was told growing up “if you having nothing nice to say, don’t say anything”. Once it’s out on the big world of cyber space it can’t be taken back!!!
    Keep being you because I think your awesome gorgeous girl 💕


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