Ippico is a boutique online store specialising in high quality horse wear for the equestrian fashionista. Ippico has compiled a range of beautiful colour coordinated products that will make you the envy of all of your friends.

Product: Migliori Dressage Saddle Pad


Lilac Migliori

The Migliori Dressage Pad, a style queens dream. Durable black quilting with purple and silver satin twirled cord. This pad also comes in a great range of different colours including basics like black, brown, navy and grey. Then for the more daring there is RASPBERRY, TURQUOISE and TANGERINE!

Ippico rates the ‘Migilori’ as a premium quality dressage saddle pad. It is made from 100% Australian merino sheepskin! The pad is extremely soft and comfortable for your horse, whilst also ensuring breathability, and a moisture wick as the sheepskin can absorb up to 25% of its weight in moisture.

All of Ippico’s sheepskin saddle cloth products also come with a washing bag to ensure safe cleaning.


Its safe to say this is my favourite saddle pad for dressage. Full of benefits for my horse, whilst ensuring we look our best too.


Product: Montare Synthetic Leather Grain Sheepskin Brushing Boots


ippico montare.jpg

LOVE LOVE LOVE! The perfect everyday training boot and the perfect competition boot.

The Montare brushing boots are lined with the plush 100% Australian Sheepskin for the ultimate comfort and protection of the horses lower leg.

Over the years I have noticed the quality of boots decline, when you think about it.. the boots are on the legs of a 600kg animal. They need to be strong and durable! Ippico boots have been on my solid, welsh cob now for over a year and a half with no signs of damage, weakness or degrading. The velcro is strong and ensures a firm and comfortable wrap around the horses leg, using a natural fibre, sheepskin, rather than synthetic fleece, ensures a soft and flexible pliable fit. Ippico has ensured their fabrics have been reinforced for extra strength and durability.




Product: Roeckl Gloves




Ippico stocks Roeckl Gloves. I have always loved wearing gloves, however have always hated getting sweaty hands, or loosing grip in the rain. I have found the Roeckl brand to be fantastic no matter the conditions, they allow me to have a soft but steady grip on my reins and never feel like I am not connected with the horse.

The Roeckl-Grip Gloves are made from exclusive material that makes them extremely breathable, elastic and supple. Perfect for the Australian rider where the weather can be so unpredictable. The specific design allows them to fit like a second skin which ensures excellent tactility for handling the reins.

Product: Lucci Sheepskin Numnah



The Lucci Numnah is one of my go to for everyday riding. I love this product with my jumping saddle as it ensures me a great fit no matter the changes in my horses muscle or weight. Just like the other Ippico products, the Lucci numnah sports 100% Australian sheepskin and highly durable quilting.

The colour range is fantastic with something for everyone. Colours including; white, black, grey, navy and brown. The contoured design aids in improving your saddle fit, as well as acting as an excellent shock absorber. With a spineless design that allow for air to follow freely along your horses spine.

Sheepskin fibres act as an excellent moisture wick, and it conducts heats slower than any other fibre, therefore reducing resisting rapid temperature changes.

EXTREMLY SOFT AND COMFORTABLE! I wish I could have one as a pillow!


Product: Dolce Sheepskin Girth Cover/Girths


If your horse is anything like Lewis, you will understand how important it is to be gentle and sensitive with areas such as the girth. Ippico has on the market both the girth sets (cover and girth) as well as just the covers. I have the white girth set and cannot recommend it highly enough. The fleet has made such a difference to Lewis’s attitude around tacking up.
When you put yourself their shoes, imagine someone pulling your belt as tight as they can onto your bare skin.. doesn’t sound very comfy to me! The Ippico girth cover is made with Merino Sheepskin and is the perfect soft and gentle way to ensure your horses tummy is comfy!

The Ippico girth covers also fit other popular girths on the market, but they are made to fit Ippico girths which are part of their girth sets.

Foxtrot Horsewear

Foxtrot Horsewear is an Australian owned and designed women’s equestrian label. Their equestrian wear is designed exclusively in our Melbourne studio through a creative, collaborative process with riders they are inspired by and have their eye firmly on global fashion trends.

The Foxtrot story began with a vision to source luxury fabrics and combine these with performance qualities in pieces for the everyday rider. All riders know that our sport is demanding, exhausting, exhilarating, consuming and intense – we need clothing that can keep up, wash well and continue to look amazing.

Product: Collins Quilted Riding Vest




The Collins Quilted Vest is not too heavy and not too light. Combining the perfect balance between performance, comfort and style. This vest has a water repellent shell, soft touch lining and Celliant® insulation.

I love this vest because it is perfect for Melbourne’s temperamental weather, I can weather it for summer evenings, spring days and layer up throughout winter. The detail that has gone into this piece is amazing. The quality is beyond all expectations and the quality speaks for itself. Durable for equestrian activities, and washes up like brand new every single time. The style is perfect for riding with a flattering tapered fit, faux suede accents and luxury quilting. So good I wear it to the shops, the gym and pretty much any where! Nice large pockets, a hood and high quality zips. There is nothing to fault with this vest.

You may be wondering what Celliant® is and how it works?

By insulating this horse riding vest using Celliant’s infrared technology, your body’s own metabolism and energy production is used to recycle and convert radiant body heat into infrared energy. As a result of the deep penetration into the tissue through infrared energy increasing oxygen and blood flow, the body is better able to regulate body temperature and adjust to the external environment. This makes Celliant ideal for both cool and warm climates.

Product: Knox Suede Polo



The Knox Luxury Polo shirt is the ultimate go to for any equestrian enthusiast. Pop it on with your favourite jodhpurs, or even a pair of skinny jeans and boots.

This polo is yes stylish, but also so practical. As riders, we sweat…. A LOT. The 100% cotton pique polo is soft, breathable and flatters any body type. The Ash colour is very elegant and the new range including Fuchsia and Midnight blue are perfect to match your horses gear too and be noticed in the crowd.

This unique polo features a ribbed collar, four button placket with faux suede shoulders and short, feminine sleeve with ribbed armbands. The perfect addition is the Signature Foxtrot embroided logo. The perfect riding polo.


Product: Luxe Essentials Cotton Modal Muscle Tank




Much to my taste buds disgust… I am a gym junkie, I love sweating it out and strengthening myself for my riding. The Luxe Essentials Tank is the perfect gym tank or the perfect summers day outfit. Simply match with a pair of denim shorts or as a throw over for your bathers.

The tank is super lightweight, constructed with 50% cotton and 50% modal fabric, it has the signature Foxtrot leisurewear logo and a flattering fit with the scoop neck and curved silhouette and shaped hem.

My go to this summer!

Product: Auburn Riding Jacket




I love the Auburn Riding Jacket. I live in Gisborne South, which is just near the Macedon Ranges and during winter we even got SNOW! The Auburn Riding Jacket was my everyday jacket. No matter where I was going, I wore it because I knew it would keep me warm. I used to wear 3-4 layers of tops and jackets to keep warm whilst riding and working on our farm. Then I discovered the Foxtrot Horsewear Auburn Riding Jacket and my life changed forever!!!!!! I actually had to start stripping the layers down the just a long sleeved top. This piece has many great features such as the flattering fit, large pockets, adjustable cuffs and the soft warm lining.

With a water repellent shell, soft-touch lining and lots of convenient features, this jacket is a perfect layering piece in either the cooler weather or even cooler summer days or rain. This jacket is the perfect unisex coat for between seasons.

Product: Luxe Essentials Rolled Sleeve Organic T-shirt 




Another favourite!!!!!!

Made from 100% organic cotton, this tee is another go to for me in every season. Pair with jodhpurs, any pant, jean or even a summer skirt and just tuck it in or a tie knot for a cute summer outfit.

This tee is 100% Organic and ethically made, with a 90% Reduced Carbon Footprint. How cool is it that this piece is manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power?!?!?!?! AMAZING. Looking after our beautiful world. Go Foxtrot!


Product: Ardrie Riding Hoodie



Another perfect addition to every ladies wardrobe. The perfect throw over for riding, the gym, grocery shopping or lunch with the girls.

Potentially the softest hoodie I have ever owned……!!!!! Amazing feel, and extremely luxurious with so much attention to detail. Quilting on the elbow, hood and side panels, suede binding throughout the hood and pockets, makes the ideal unique stylish hoodie.