Sport, a global influencer

"Sport has the power to change the world" - Nelson Mandela   Sport is valued by many different cultures and dependant on many different variables. Society and culture are powerful influences on how sport and its value is perceived to be, as well as the team a general population may cheer for (Spajj, 2017). Society … Continue reading Sport, a global influencer

ACE Equine – Dressage and Eventing

ACE Equine - Archibald Campain Elite Equine Stuart Archibald and Tamara Campain These two lovely riders are taking over the Equestrian community with their success, passion, love and determination.┬áNeeding no introduction, Stuart Archibald and Tamara Campain. Where did it all begin? Tamara Campain I began riding at the young age of 4. My parents were … Continue reading ACE Equine – Dressage and Eventing